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Don't forget to remove the sticker on the back of the chip and gently bend it to the natural shape of your nail.

When using acrylic be sure to use a dryer bead on the first bead of acrylic to protect the chip from any potential damage from the monomer. Once the first bead has settled your nail technician can continue to build your set as normal.

When using gel be sure to cover the chip with stone glue to encapsulate the chip and protect it from any potential damage from water. Once encapsulated with the stone glue the chip will become waterproof.

Be sure to check your chip throughout the process and drill gently when filing around the chip. During refills be sure to drill gently around the chip making sure not to apply to much heat and friction directly over the area where the chip is located.

Change your chip out monthly for the best performance.

Share videos of how you use your SM3 smart nail chip with us on social @stampedmarketing showing us how you use your nails to market your brand. 

The SM3 Smart Nail Chip is compatible with most devices please be sure to use the link below and read over all instructions thoroughly to get the best experience from the product. Remember that each chip can only write one link in order to operate correctly. If you make the mistake of uploading multiple links or uploading in the wrong area, please be sure to watch the video below to learn how to erase your chip and re-upload your content. Please do not deviate from the instructions provided by our team! Enjoy

Press this link for upload instructions and important details on the SM3 smart nail chip!




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