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$1,329.95 USD
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$2,399.00 USD
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$1,329.95 USD
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El kit de chips de uñas inteligentes SM3 de 75 piezas ofrece a los técnicos de uñas un gran retorno de la inversión, con cada chip con un promedio de solo $ 18.99 por chip . Cada kit viene con cinco fichas promocionales, que le permitirán mostrar la funcionalidad y versatilidad de esta tecnología sin reducir sus ganancias. Esta tecnología sorprenderá a sus clientes y se convertirá en parte de su uso diario, eliminando el uso de tarjetas de presentación, material de marketing e intercambio de información general. La tecnología es segura de usar para todas las personas y se vuelve completamente impermeable una vez que está completamente encapsulada.

Esencial Puntos de datos de nuestros técnicos de uñas activos

  • Margen de beneficio neto mensual promedio: $ 1575 - $ 3075
  • Margen de beneficio bruto mensual promedio: $ 3000 - $ 5000
  • Precio promedio de reventa por chip: $ 40.00 - $ 60.00
  • Promedio de cuotas por visita: 2-4 chips de uñas inteligentes SM3
  • Los técnicos informan una reinstalación del 80 por ciento para los clientes

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
NAIL tech must have

literally the best product I've ever purchased!! I originally thought most of my clients that would use the chips the most would be people with businesses however, I've had tons of clients putting their social media and payment link on their chips. I can't believe how how fast I'm also out of chips. Ordering more as I write this review.

Just WOW!!!!

Man I can't believe how these chips have taken my salon to the next level. I purchased the 25 chip package originally and had to scale to the 75 chips in just a little over a week. I had a number of clients add several chips at a time to share their websites, YouTube channels and social media links easily. Once those clients shared the links with other people my new client referrals went through the roof. I'm extremely excited about the new life these chips have brought to the salon.

ashley booker- harris
changed the game

Man I can't believe how this product has changed my business for the better in less than a month. My best friend told me about the SM3 smart nail chip and how quickly she was able to introduce it to her clients, so you know I had to get in on the action. I am so happy I decided to follow her footsteps. All I had to do was put the my cash link on my nail to introduce it to my clients during the payment process. Once they tap my nail and see cash app pop up each and every one of them were sold and prepaid for the chips for their next service. I. can tell I'm going to need a 100 package if I want to ever keep these in stock. I am so happy my friend put me on to this company. They are awesome.

Cool product

I've been waiting for a product like this to shake the industry up. These chips have not only increased my price point but brought in a ton of new clients to my salon. The creators of the product were patient and kind enough to walk me through the process and even gave me some marketing tips to increase my pricing and move my chips quickly. I implemented their suggestions immediately after I received my chips and my books have been filled two months in advance since. I will be moving to the 100 chip package by next week. Tap in ladies!!!!

I need more chips

I was going to start off with the 25 chip package to be safe however, I really wanted to challenge myself and go for the higher package to see how fast I could move them. I can not believe it only took me 31 days to move all 75. chips!!! My clients were putting these chips on 2 a time some even 4 at a time. If you're a nail tech looking for the next best thing on the market you have to try these chips.

taylor williamson
I love stamped marketing

This was a genius idea. These days nobody really carry around business cards or forget them when they need them. You can't forget your nails!