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Le kit de puces pour ongles intelligents SM3 de 100 pièces offre aux techniciens d'ongles le retour sur investissement le plus important, chaque puce ne représentant en moyenne que 15,95 $ par puce. Chaque kit est livré avec cinq puces promotionnelles, qui vous permettront de mettre en valeur la fonctionnalité et la polyvalence de cette technologie sans réduire vos bénéfices. Cette technologie épatera vos clients et deviendra une partie de leur utilisation quotidienne, éliminant l'utilisation de cartes de visite, de matériel de marketing et de partage d'informations générales. La technologie est sûre à utiliser pour toutes les personnes et devient entièrement étanche une fois entièrement encapsulée.

Essentiel Points de données de nos techniciens en ongles actifs

  • Marge bénéficiaire nette mensuelle moyenne - 2400 $ - 4 400 $
  • Marge bénéficiaire brute mensuelle moyenne : de 4 000 $ à 6 000 $
  • Prix de revente moyen par puce : 40,00 $ - 60,00 $
  • Acomptes provisionnels moyens par visite - 2 à 4 puces à ongles intelligentes SM3
  • Les techniciens signalent une réinstallation à 80 % pour les clients 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brandi Johnson
This is just what I needed!

This company is the plug! I was able to break my purchase up in 4 payments, because I wanted to start immediately and ended up selling out less than two weeks on preorders and clients wanting me to reserve chips for them, so I was able to pay it off fast and reup on my product, this product is a must have for any business owner thats serious about their brand.

Lexi Wilson

My experience has been good, im happy and will be recording soon! I should have become a brand ambassador, because I done told so many people about this product, please hit me up if some slots become available, thank you in advance

Nishia Nelson
If your a hustler tap in!

Baby this chip is popping, it practically moves itself, I have been using the methods that Stamped Marketing provided me and im almost sold out in the exact amount of time they told me I would, baby if you listen to what's being put down and actually open your mouth to tell your clients about the chips, watch how fast they sell out! Its the presale method for me! Period!

Samantha Moore
Y'all got it right

Moment of truth, I've always prided myself on being a hustler, knocking down doors to generate change in my community and amongst the nail technicians in my shop, as of recently I've been feeling down and I've been ready to close my doors for good for a long time. In the nail game clients start to get comfortable with you and stop respecting your space after a while of working with you and I was just over it. I looked at what stamped was offering and I was a little scared to be honest, but everything checked out, so I jumped and never looked back. This product has been a life changer because I was done with nails for good, this has brought new life to my business, a sense of excitement and pride for me and my nail technicians, it's also generated more money and more clients. I am so happy that I trusted myself and moved forward with making this purchase, it was totally worth it and I cant wait to see you all at one of your popup shops

Maria Gonzalez
Just do It!

Dont let sticker shock keep you from adding this product to your business, I made my initial investment back very very fast, and my customers did not blink at the price I was charging, I am so happy to now be a sm3 girl, the technology is great, but the team is even more amazing

Kalya White
The Presale Method is no joke!

So first and foremost I love this product, and the creators teach you a method to sell this product extremely fast and I am so happy that I took that leap! I have made over $5000 a month additional constantly since adding this product to my list of services, I also made money by hosting a popup shop as well! When they say this chip moves im telling you it moves, im so happy that I ran across this information from one of their brand ambassadors because the chip is the business!