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Best Investment

one of the best Investments I have done with my business. When I'm out I tell others about the chip and their faces says it all. They are amazed and so was I when I first saw them. 5 stars


I love the whole idea of the chip. It’s an very convenient & unique tool. All of my clients are in love with it. I’ll be a returning customer for sure!


This product is revolutionary to the nail community and I can’t wait to grow my business and inspire other techs to hop onto this amazing marketing tool!


This chip has saved me so much money on promoting and anot only that my clients love it for their businesses as well. Best form of modern marketing to date. The girls that get it get it and the girls that don’t are about to!!!

My nails smart!!

This was the best step I’ve taken in my career! The chips function as advertised and easy to load. They truly sale themselves! I couldn’t have made a better choice as a Nail artist!!

A Buisness Owners Dream

I love the chips so much! And so do my clients! Reading the chip is so easy & the connection is strong! I did a flower rhinestone designs with pretty big stones over mine & it still works like a dream! I’m excited to continue using this product & so happy to be able to have my business & my client’s businesses showcased right from their gorgeous nails😘

Entrepreneurs must have!

This product is soo amazing! I got it from my nail tech for my clothing business and let me say, my sales have increased just by showing new people how it works!

Amazing nail technology you MUST HAVE!

I recently purchased these nail chips and I love them! They are so easy to use and they wow customers with one tap! It’s the best marketing tool out!

Loving the Chips.

My clients love the sm3 chips as much as I do. The company is amazing and incredibly supportive. I happy to be a part of this team and continue using the chips as long as I'm able to service my clients.

Love the chips

Absolutely useful for any nail business or servicer. Highly recommend

Great Product

I love themselves very innovative product and I’m glad I have them for my clients who are interested

INNOVATIVE , I’m in love !

This sm3 nail chip is a game changer for real . Not only do my nails already look sick but the fact that I can show off and have someone just tap my nail with their phone and pull up my nail page on IG is mind blowing.

The best

Thank you so much I’m so excited for this journey and more happy that I’m an ambassador

Brand Ambassador

The kit was very easy to use and link to my clients websites. I’m already getting other girls asking where can they get their Nail Chip from, some of them who are already business owners have thought about using SM3 Nail Chip to expand their business!

Best marketing tool ever ?

Brand Ambassador

So far so great. I have used one chip so far and gained 3 clients from that. It’s not a lot but it is most definitely a start in the right direction

Great Product

Very easy to set up , works really good, lays perfectly on the nail bed, and no issues after applying acrylic.

I love these nail chips!

This is literally the best thing out! It’s very easy to install and extremely functional! I love them! They are worth the money! This is an INVESTMENT!

Highly recommended!

I’ve been sharing my info all over the map. And I love that they sell exclusively to nail techs and salon owners.

Loving my chips!

I just posted the chips and everyone is blown away!!

This is going to change your business!

This product changed the way I do business, I didn't believe in myself price wise until I introduced this product to my company and now I'm very confident in charging properly for my work, the guys at stamped marketing don't play they pushed me and helped me hold myself accountable, and I'm happy to report that I sold all of my inventory in less than three weeks and will be making a larger purchase today using their preorder method.

NAIL tech must have

literally the best product I've ever purchased!! I originally thought most of my clients that would use the chips the most would be people with businesses however, I've had tons of clients putting their social media and payment link on their chips. I can't believe how how fast I'm also out of chips. Ordering more as I write this review.

Winning Team

Im addicted to this product and I love the team they bout they business!

Good way to increase pay for sure

This product helped me boost my pay quickly, glad I ran across it!


Ok I was a little unsure about how I would implement this in my business, but it truly worked out perfectly, my older clients use it to store their insurance cards child, and my younger clients use it for stuff like cash app, boutiques, Instagram, and all types of other stuff that they out here selling, this product has given me the ability to bring creative and fun concepts to my business, I cant wait to see what more we can do together, im a true believer at this point and the money generated from this product is stellar!